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At the 4th of April, the art journey of the Escobarcoin began in Florence, Italy. Innocoating and MXP events joined their forces and started the process of research and development to bring the official Escobar Coin to life.

Now 6 months later, we proudly present the Escobar Coin.

A unique collaboration between two artists Sascha Kessel and Jorn van Hoorn. The official artcoin is signed and authorized by the son of Pablo Escobar; Juan Pablo Escobar.The exclusive coin is handmade of noble metal, has a diameter of 120cm, and weighs more than 20kg.

The concept is an idea of the entrepreneur Christian Petermann. He has been working with Juan Pablo Escobar for a long time and brought both artists together. The buyers of the official Escobar Coin eceive a certificate signed by Escobar junior himself. The coin is part of a larger whole in terms of games, merchandise, memorabilia and a foundation.

Besides an architect in Argentina, Juan Pablo Escobar is also the author of 2 books, among which “Mi Padre”. For years Escobar junior has been engaged in a crusade against the glorification of his father. He gives lectures about the indictment of international drug trafficking and the violence and corruption that goes along with it.

The price of the official Artcoin is linked to Bitcoin. Two Bitcoins has the consistent value of one Escobar coin. Therefore, it’s an unique and robust long term art investment.

Become part of history.

– Unique piece of art by the artists Jorn van Hoorn and Sascha Kessel
– Signed and authorized by Juan Pablo Escobar
– Small limited edition of 20 pieces
– 120 cm average.
– Worldwide shipping
– Strong, unique art investment.

Price and circulation

5 pieces diameter 150 cm Price 2.5 Bitcoin
10 pieces diameter 120 cm Price 2 Bitcoin
7 pieces diamater 100 cm Price 1,75 Bitcoin


Schermafbeelding 2017-12-04 om 14.11.17

"There can be only one king."

Pablo Escobar

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Jorn van Hoorn

Jorn’s unique still is laden with iconic images and people that change one’s perception on reality. He employs materials that work as a catalyst and fit with the speed of his thinking and working. Working at a breakneck pace, brushes, spatulas and hands are the weapons of choice. A whirlwind, leaving behind a trail of paint, water and graffiti. Preferably he abandons easily recognisable forms. In other work he prefers producing series about time, beauty and the evanescence. In 2016 Van Hoorn was nominated for a Street Art Award (together with Daan Roosegaarde and the Rijksmuseum).

JvH Whiskey

Sascha Kessel

Innocoating Europe BV has developed a unique palette of mark making techniques in liquid metals and coatings, which are presented as a collection of hand made surfaces.
They are used primarily within retailstores, storeconcepts and the worlds finest interiors projects. Innocoating collaborates with architects, designers and brands to create large scale installations, bespoke artworks and sculptural furniture .

Innovation in Coatings is the passion we follow.


Some Fun Facts

Kg of noble metall
Canns of Red Bull
Complaining neighbors
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